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After over 70 years of being two independent credit unions with unique foundations, Cincinnati Central Credit Union, and Communicating Arts Credit Union decided to merge. Having formed a CUSO together and being lead by sister and brother CEO’s still the blending of the two different cultures took skill and leadership to see the future.


Doing internal research and team building with staff and the Board of Directors we were able step-by-step to build a consensus that lead to the new and united culture. It honored their two rich heritages while defining the new credit union today and into the future. Through our proven process, the new name TruPartner fit them perfect. The partnering of the two credit unions and both very committed to serving members as family partners.

The new brand and name have been a great success and embraced internally and externally because it was built on understanding them and championing their distinctive culture and true value to the members and community.

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